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ACA FAQs Regarding Participating vs. Non-Participating Medicare Status

ACA receives a multitude of questions regarding Medicare and the physician fee schedule. Following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:
Q: Can I just ignore the fee schedule? I’m non-participating anyway.
Q: Who do I contact for the latest information on the fee schedule? It's always so confusing at the end of the year.
Q: Could you provide a complete explanation of par fee allowance, non-par fee allowance and limiting charge?
Q: Can I change my Medicare Participating status?

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Patients' Complaints to the PA Insurance Department (PID)

PCA members should be prepared to give their patients instructions and forms for filing complaints with the Insurance Department (link to PID patient complaint form, click here). When patients are expected to be financially responsible for services that may be denied by health insurers and/or their intermediaries, they will most certainly want to complain to someone. PCA President Raymond Benedetto, DC, commented, “The PA Insurance Department has clearly requested PCA to direct patients and their complaints to the PA Insurance Department, so that’s what PCA members should do. Our members are currently serving as the voice for many of their patients, so it is extremely important that members direct their patients to the PA Department of Insurance.”

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PA Department of Human Services

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US Department of Health and Human Services

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Bureau of Workers' Compensation

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Health Insurance Exchange


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Aetna's Health Care Professionals Resources 

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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

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Click Here to access Medicare Part B Fee Schedule


Cigna's Resources for Health Care Professionals

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Highmark's Provider Resource Center

In order to get to the Provider Resource Center (PRC), you must CLICK HERE first. Once Highmark’s homepage is open, you will then find the PRC link, and many other helpful links, under the Helpful Links category. Highmark may require login information to access certain parts of this website.


US Deptartment of Veterans Affairs



Dynamic Chiropractic 

ChiroAccess – research

Chiropractic Economics


Legislative Resources

Write to your U.S. Congressman

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PA State Senate Helpful Resources

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How to read Legislative Bills

Pennsylvania General Assembly

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