During PCA’s Annual Convention this past June in State College, ACA President N. Ray Tuck, DC engaged with Pennsylvania’s DCs, including offering comments at the 2018 Annual Meeting of Members and meeting with the PCA Board of Directors for an extensive briefing on the heavy-handed antics of the health insurance industry. One item that sparked intensive discussion amongst PCA’s Board of Directors was the recent policy decision by UnitedHealthCare to stop reimbursing DCs for treatment of headaches. Dr. Tuck promised to step up a more aggressive response to this issue and shortly after returning to the ACA, he made good on his promise. Likewise, PCA promised to provide Dr. Tuck with as much ammunition as possible in opposition to UHC’s clinically baseless and profit-driven policy.
The PCA joined in a BATTLE with UHC’s recent policy that “headaches,” which also included migraines, would no longer be reimbursable to DCs. UHC’s position was based on grossly outdated and stunningly shoddy “evidence.” The PCA went into action with the ACA, collected data from several highly credible research collection organizations and groups. These research organizations sent letters to UHC in conjunction with several other states.
While it took approximately 6 weeks to work through UHC’s process of changing what clearly was a nonsensical policy, the end results of PCA’s collaborative initiatives and actions speak for themselves: earlier this morning, the PCA received this email advisory from the ACA on this topic!
“ACA has some exciting news to share: We have confirmed that UnitedHealthcare has withdrawn its policy denying coverage of manipulative therapy for headache treatment. The change was posted online in a revised policy for manipulative therapy. Read the policy here
 We appreciate that UHC weighed the evidence in support of manipulative therapy for headache that we provided in our July 23 letter and made the determination to restore its coverage. You can read our follow-up letter to UHC, which is attached to this email.
 ACA is especially grateful to all of you: the 40 national and state chiropractic organizations that amplified our message and joined with us to achieve the best possible result on behalf of patients.”
Commenting on the UHC decision, PCA President Alison M. Benedetto, DC, said, “PCA is honored and pleased to have been able to play a catalytic role in this matter, along with our colleague state associations. Joining together, we essentially helped in a very meaningful way to get UHC’s policy quickly reversed, based in significant part on aggressive advocacy, backed up with rock-solid clinical research. And, I hasten to add, this process was reversed in a mere six weeks, which is akin to light-speed in the health insurance industry, so our collective hats are off to the ACA for driving the point home, as well as UHC for recognizing their mistaken policy and withdrawing it.”
Who Else “Has Your Back?”