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Enhance your knowledge and skills with this 8 CE, hands-on training session using Dr. Ammendolia’s 6-week research proven boot camp for lumbar spinal stenosis(LSS)!


February 23 – Harrisburg, PA

This is the first program presented in the United States that implements non-surgical treatment strategies to improve standing and walking ability in patients with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS). Dr. Carlo Ammendolia has performed extensive research on LSS to develop this program, which has been published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and most recently in JAMA. 
Don’t you want to be the expert in treating LSS so you can advertise to MDs, surgeons, orthopedics, your patients and the general public that you are using this protocol to help patients who suffer with LSS?

Don’t you want to treat LSS patients and know the exercises they need to do to improve their walking function reduce pain and stay that way?

Don’t you want to see LSS patients for the 6 week protocol and see documented reimbursable improvement?

Don’t you want to be that one doctor that MDs can refer to for treatment because their patients were only given the option for surgery?

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