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Pennsylvania’s Department of Health (DoH) is revising guidance for health care providers as a component of Governor Wolf’s phased reopening plan, particularly related to performing non-urgent procedures. As Pennsylvania slowly reopens, the following guidance should be followed by all health care providers, as defined by the Governor’s Order issued on March 19, 2020, and subsequently amended, except hospitals, ambulatory surgical facilities, dental practices, and any others operating under separate DoH guidance.

PCA’s Response:
Commenting on DoH Secretary Levine’s May 9 guidance announcement (see link below), PCA President Alison M. Benedetto stated, “PCA is pleased to see our requests for further clarifications from PA Health Secretary Levine about updated guidance regarding COVID-19.
PCA reminds all DCs that while Secretary Levine’s announcement now allows for maintenance and non-acute care, DCs are encouraged to continue appropriate CV-19 clinical, staff and patient safety precautions. While your patients are not required to wear masks all of the time, it is a smart practice to be cautious for the time being. Likewise, follow proper disinfecting protocols in your offices.”

Read PA Health Secretary Levine’s May 9 Guidance HERE: