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Archived news and articles most relevant to Chiropractic. As a benefit to membership, PCA wants to assist you in being informed and most up-to-date in current happenings regarding Chiropractic care, legislation, and more.



1/31/2018 | 33 resistance band exercises you can do anywhere

1/26/2018 | The mysteries of the Advanced Beneficiary Notification of Non-Coverage revealed

1/26/2018 | Could this be your company's solution to Facebook's changes?

1/26/2018 | Preventing Cancer with Food: Exploring the Epigenetic Switch

1/26/2018 | Alex Azar’s confirmation as HHS secretary: 1 group believes he is a threat to Americans’ healthcare

1/26/2018 | The top 5 regulatory issues for state medical boards

1/24/2018 | Apple update brings medical records to the iPhone

1/24/2018 | CMS will use data analytics to help VA combat healthcare fraud

1/24/2018 | Though patient survival rates have improved overall, the 'weekend effect' persists for cardiac arrest, study finds

1/24/2018 | Trump administration’s stance on work requirements could spur more states to expand Medicaid

1/24/2018 | Report: Americans with employer-sponsored insurance are spending more on healthcare, despite using less

1/24/2018 | Patrick Kennedy calls work on Trump's opioid commission a 'charade'

1/24/2018 | In midst of opioid epidemic, Trump proposes 95% cut to drug policy office budget

1/23/2018 | Readshaw’s proposal strengthening licensee reporting passes House

1/19/2018 | Opponents say controversial new HHS ‘religious freedom’ division a ‘prescription for discrimination’

1/19/2018 | House passes short-term spending bill that funds CHIP, but Senate divided as government shutdown looms

1/19/2018 | Senate panel votes to advance Alex Azar nomination as Health and Human Services secretary

1/19/2018 | Spending bill showdown: Health programs on the line if Congress doesn’t get votes to avert a government shutdown

1/19/2018 | Lamar Alexander's new goal: Add ACA fixes to long-term spending bill

1/17/2018 | 3 Calming Questions to Ask Yourself When You're Feeling Worried or Anxious

1/17/2018 | Dealing With Scar Tissue: Problems and the Solution

1/16/2018 | Uninsured rate rises during Trump's first year in office

1/15/2018 | CDC quietly postpones nuclear war prep briefing to focus on the flu epidemic instead

1/12/2018 |  President Trump Signs Bill Expanding Chiropractors’ Role in the VA   

1/12/2018 | New Way to Submit MIPS Data

1/12/2018 | Feds approve Kentucky waiver that requires Medicaid enrollees to work, pay premiums

1/11/2018 | Wolf declares opioid crisis a state emergency

1/11/2018 | Ohio imposes strict rule on workers’ back surgery, opioids

1/11/2018 | Newly unveiled document outlines Trump administration's plan to chip away at the ACA

1/11/2018 | New CMS guidance paves way for states to test Medicaid work requirements

1/10/2018 | Why funding the Children’s Health Insurance Program matters

1/10/2018 | Maryland lawmakers propose state-level individual mandate—with a twist

1/10/2018 | CMS unveils new voluntary bundled payment program

1/8/2018 | Democrats mull ‘next big idea’ for healthcare policy

1/8/2018 | Trump administration poised to make move on Medicaid work requirements

1/8/2018 | Alex Azar, Trump’s pick for HHS secretary, will face Senate Finance Committee scrutiny on Tuesday

1/5/2018 | Overbilling Medicare for office visits remains a problem

1/5/2018 | Legislative Action Needed to Stop Big Hike in PA Workers' Comp Premiums

1/4/2018 | Trump administration proposes new rule that would expand use of association health plans

1/3/2018 | Nashville hospitals take aim at opioid crisis by adjusting approach to pain management

1/3/2018 | From premiums to politics: 5 predictions for the health insurance industry in 2018

1/3/2018 | 4 lessons from the health insurance industry’s wild year of politics

1/3/2018 | enrollment total dips to 8.7M

1/3/2018 | Top 2017 headlines: Tom Price quits, opioid deaths rise and new care delivery models emerge

1/3/2018 | How to tweak federal funding strategies to better support healthcare innovation

1/3/2018 | Fee-for-service still accounts for most practice revenue

1/3/2018 | What to expect in 2018 gubernatorial election year

1/3/2018 | Workers comp rates set to jump in February

1/3/2018 | More than 10,000 in Pa. seek medical marijuana




01/31/2017 | Providers Remain Committed to Population Health, See Payers as Hurdle 

01/31/2017 | Trump’s Two-for-one Regulation Order & Potential Impact on Healthcare 

01/30/2017 | Wolf Announces Major State Government Health Consolidation 


01/27/2017 | Trump’s Regulatory Freeze Delays HHS Rules 

01/26/2017 | Can People, Especially Leaders, Really Change? 

01/25/2017 | PCA Past-President McCarrin Elected Chair of PA State Board of Chiropractic 

01/25/2017 | Groups Press Insurers to Reform Prior Authorization 

01/25/2017 | Medicaid Funding Among Major Themes in Price Hearing 

01/25/2017 | Wolf’s Drug & Alcohol Secretary Fired Over “opposition to department restructuring plan”

01/25/2017 | Republican Senators Unveil ACA Replacement 

01/24/2017 | Numerof on ACA Repeal: A Second Chance to get Health Reform Right 

01/24/2017 | Hospital Study- Financial Incentives Fall Short in Improving Care  

01/24/2017 | Federal Judge Blocks Aetna-Humana Deal - RELATED: Aetna-Humana trial primer: A look at how the deal evolved

01/20/2017 | MIPS: Big goals, unanswered questions 

01/20/2017 |This is What Happens to Your Lungs, Brain, Kidneys, Teeth and Mood When You Drink Diet Soda 

01/20/2017 | Feds: $3.3B in FY2016 Healthcare Fraud Recoveries 

01/20/2017 | Feds warn Highmark, 20 other Medicare Advantage insurers to fix directories 

01/20/2017 | Governors Voice Medicaid Concerns to GOP Lawmakers

01/18/2017 | Pennsylvanians Warned of Extreme Dangers of Carfentanil, Following Two Recent Overdose Deaths from the Drug in Beaver County 

01/17/2017 |  CDC’s Tom Frieden reflects on tenure’s successes

01/17/2017 | Want to Build Your Practice and Strengthen Your Influence?

01/17/2017 | Trump’s “Insurance for Everybody” Conflicts with GOP Plans

01/16/2017 | 2017: From ObamaCare to TrumpCare

01/13/2017 | What’s Front of Mind for Health Plan Leaders in 2017? 

01/13/2017 | HHS Nominee Price: More Doctors with More Concerns 

01/12/2017 | Senate Passes Budget, Paves Way for ACA Repeal 

01/12/2017 | Will Repeal & Delay Approach to ACA Go Off the Fiscal Cliff? 

01/12/2017 | US Rep. Roe Says ‘Docs’ Will ‘Like’ His ACA Replacement Plan 

01/11/2017 Report: Target Overuse- Underuse to Improve Health Care Quality

01/11/2017 P-EOTUS Picks Vaccine Skeptic RFK, Jr. to Head Vaccine Safety Study

01/11/2017 P-EOTUS Trump Chooses VA Undersecretary Shulkin to Lead Veterans Administration 

01/11/2017 P-EOTUS Pushes for Speedy ACA Repeal and Replacement 

01/10/2017 Five US Senate Rs Aim to Delay ACA Repeal Effort 

01/06/2017 Will Trump’s HHS Be For Sale to the Highest Campaign Donor? 

01/06/2017 Judge Denies US DOL Motion to Stay Overtime Ruling 

01/06/2017 | PID’s Miller Responds to US House Majority Leader’s Request, Stresses Importance of Protecting Consumers 

01/06/2017| US House GOP Floats ACA Replacement Framework 

01/04/2017Battle lines drawn as GOP maps first steps to repeal ACA 

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