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Business Development Opportunities

Seeking more business for your practice, product or service? Join the PCA and find your next business development opportunity.

With well over 1,000 members and growing every month, the PCA is the largest association representing the interests of the Keystone State’s Doctors of Chiropractic. The PCA has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing responsive customer service, diverse continuing education programs, informative and timely news and resources, and a very strong presence in the Pennsylvania General Assembly and Governor’s Office and administration.

For those companies planning to develop business with the Chiropractic profession, PCA is the go-to association in the Commonwealth. With access to Pennsylvania’s 4,000+ licensed Chiropractors, PCA offers member businesses the opportunity to partner/collaborate, exhibit, advertise and sponsor a variety of programs and events--ranging from the annual convention to continuing education classes to Board of Directors meetings to PCA’s e-communications like the quarterly PCA DIRECT and 5-Minute Update.

Affiliate with PCA as either a Strategic Business Partner (SBP) or Business Member (BM) and hold a unique position of privilege with Pennsylvania’s Chiropractic profession--including advertising opportunities and preferred placement, first option for exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities, exclusive use of PCA’s logo and your level of affiliation. Unaffiliated companies cannot benefit from any of these well-priced, members-only business development opportunities.

Check out how you can best utilize the PCA to generate more business leads and reach more qualified buyers in Pennsylvania!

Click here to download the Business Affiliate Application (pdf)

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