Group Health Insurance for PCA Members!

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or if you have more specific questions, please contact PCA:  717-232-5762.


FREE access to PCA's Insurance Committee and General Counsel

  • Receive assistance in insurance-related issues, concerns, and questions
  • Having issues with reimbursement? Our Insurance Committee and General Counsel can help
  • Have an audit, legal issue, or question? Our General Counsel is there for you

Be a part of Chiropractic advocacy

  • Help shape the future of the profession in Pennsylvania and beyond
  • Monitor the Pennsylvania General Assembly in Harrisburg to protect your financial and clinical interests
  • Keep legislators aware of the proven benefits of Chiropractic and to safeguard your patients' rights to choose 
  • Support PCA's Political Action Committee (PAC) designed to support Chiropractic through the court system

Reduced members-only prices on CE seminars & events

  • Save up to $300+ on PCA sponsored continuing education (half the price of regular membership!)
  • Save enough money to cover the cost of membership in attending just two seminars as a PCA member
  • Save at least $100 in your registration for the annual convention

Special PCA member-only deals with PCA's Strategic Business Partners and Business Members

  • Billing Services, Consulting Services, EHRs, Credit Card Processing, Legal Services and Insurance coverage
  • CBD products, Medical Equipment, Supplements, Website Services, Marketing Services and Laser Products

Save money on purchases for your office

  • Receive reduced rates on coding books
  • Get the PCA Staples discount member card

Join a network of support 

  • Never face audits or insurance companies alone
  • Be a part of the PCA FaceBook Community for up to the minute conversations and news
  • Get active by volunteering for a committee

PCA is the largest PA association for Chiropractors where ALL philosophies of Chiropractic are welcomed and fit naturally within the PCA. The Chiropractic profession can only be as strong as its professional associations—membership counts! PCA has become THE incubator for innovators, with the goal being to creatively secure the profession for decades to come.

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