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MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  PCA Legal Fund Achieves Its Goal!
The PCA is pleased to announce that YOUR GENEROSITY made OUR target for the PCA Legal Fund a reality.   THANK YOU!
As you know, in the case of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company v. Robert J. Cavoto, Jr, et al., a Delaware County Common Pleas Judge declared that chiropractors may not delegate massage, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercises to unlicensed chiropractic staff.  A post-trial motion filed by Dr. Cavoto was denied.   Dr. Cavoto is now appealing the decision to the PA Superior Court.  Your contributions will cover the “delegation” portion of Dr. Cavoto’s legal fees and costs for the appeal to the PA Superior Court of this unfortunate decision.
Since the PCA has raised the necessary funds for the “delegation” appeal, the PCA does not want to rest on such an achievement by so many generous and forward-thinking DCs, so the PCA will continue to accept contributions for PCA’s Legal Fund for other similarly far-reaching and serious legal matters, which are certainly going to arise in the future. 
Separate contributions are also welcomed and appreciated for PCA’s Political Action Committee (PAC).  As you no doubt realize, the legislative process is vitally important to the profession, especially in efforts to support a growing cadre of legislators who ”get” Chiropractic and are willing to stand tall for the profession and patients, regardless of the money thrown around by the health insurance industry and lobbyists.  Please consider ensuring the “public policy and legislative” future of Chiropractic by contributing generously to PCA’s PAC (CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE TO PCA’s PAC)
The PCA thanks every contributor for stepping up to the plate quickly on this very important matter.   The PCA is in close contact with Dr. Cavoto’s attorney and the PCA will continue to update its membership as this case develops.
Raymond J. Benedetto, DC, DACNB
PCA President

State Farm v Cavoto: Restricting DCs' Delegation

CA's Denied

On July 7, 2017, in the case of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company et al. v Robert J. Cavoto, Jr., et al., a Delaware County Common Pleas Judge rendered a decision that chiropractors may not delegate massage, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercises to unlicensed support personnel/staff. The decision disregards the plain language of the Chiropractic Practice Act, the position of the State Board of Chiropractic, as well as other state agencies and years of Pennsylvania case law. This decision affects ALL chiropractors, including those who do not bill insurance, because this is an interpretation of the Chiropractic Practice Act. Chiropractors who delegate these procedures to unlicensed individuals could face disciplinary action by the State Board of Chiropractic that could result in license suspension or revocation. For chiropractors who bill insurance, improper delegation may cause certain insurance payers to use the decision as justification for claim denials and to seek recoupment of previously paid claims – and perhaps even to bring fraud actions against other Pennsylvania Chiropractors. (see attached)

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Anyone can donate to PCA Legal Fund. If you are sending in a check, please write "Legal Fund" in the note section.