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FAQs and Resources

PCA Insurance Committee and General Counsel spend valuable time each week to review and answer PCA members' questions/concerns. They go above and beyond to help in any way they can. 

Below you will find a few of those answered questions, as PCA thought it would be helpful for all DCs to know.

Thank you PCA Insurance Committee and General Counsel!!!

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Act 6 (Auto) and Act 44 (Worker's Comp)

Rules of timely reimbursements and how to file a fee review: 

WC must pay within 30 days of receipt of the clean claim/bill. If they do not, you can file a fee review for timeliness. Auto carriers are supposed to pay within 30 days also but there is no recourse other than to cite Act 6 when you call the carrier.

Click here to file a Fee Review

EFFECTIVE 10/1/2017: 5 New ICD-10 Codes Will Be Here!!!

In June 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) released ICD-10 changes effective October 1, 2017. Although 360 new codes will be added to the list of more than 68,000 ICD-10 codes, we have found only 5 new codes that affect Chiropractors directly.  Download the full list of ICD-10 changes from the CMS website.

  • M33.03 Juvenile dermatomyositis without myopathy
  • M33.13 Other dermatomyositis without myopathy
  • M33.93 Dermatopolymyositis, unspecified without myopathy
  • M48.061 Spinal stenosis, lumbar region without neurogenic claudication
  • M48.062 Spinal stenosis, lumbar region with neurogenic claudication

 Medicare Revisions for the new ICD-10 Codes (click here): 


Act 31 - Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Requirements - FAQs

Here are a few questions that we are asked frequently:

  • Does PCA offer any Act 31 courses?

Yes, we have 6 different dates and locations for in-person Act 31 courses. See the calendar here for the location closest to you. Keep in mind Act 31 will also be offered at convention.

  • Am I correct in thinking that after our initial 3 hour Act 31 training last renewal period, we still need to do 2 hrs for each future renewal?  If so, do these 2 hours count towards our 24?

Yes only 2 hrs are required for renewal, and yes if the provider has been approved as a CE provider the two hours will count for CE. Be careful of free online options, as they may not be approved for CE.

  • How do I determine if a child abuse recognition and reporting course has been approved?

As courses are approved by the Department of Human Services and/or the Department of State/Board, these courses will be listed on the respective Board website. Unless a course is listed as approved by one or both of these agencies, the course will not be considered acceptable to meet the requirements for initial licensure or renewal.

  • In the practice of my profession, I do not come into contact with children. Do I need to complete this training to obtain a license, reactivate or renew my license?

Yes. The new law applies to all health-related licensees and funeral directors, regardless of whether they feel that they come into contact with children in their profession or not. Applicants and licensees must still complete the requirements under Act 31. Requests for this type of exemption will not be considered a valid reason for exemption.

Click Here for the State Board of Chiropractic's FAQs on Act 31 Requirements. You can also find this on the State Board of Chiropractic's website by clicking here.


Katie May: Update

June 20th, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress held a webinar focused on Katie May Updates, presented by Dr. Gerry Clum.

Please share the following with your members:

To view and listen to the recording of the F4CP webinar, click here.

Download the PowerPoint presentation

Here are the links to the three studies Dr. Clum referenced on the webinar:

NCMIC Informed Consent Information:

For a complimentary copy of the informed consent packet we have secured for you through ChiroSecure, please text 480 500-6574 Code: F4CP

Best regards,

Sherry McAllister D.C., M.S(Ed)., CCSP
Executive Vice President, Foundation for Chiropractic Progress


X-Ray CE Requirements

Please be advised that there is a brochure being circulated by Dr. Smith from the Chiropractic Fellowship of PA which states "We are providing CE credits for X-ray operators that are due by September 2017. It's important to note that DEP requires both the DC and the CA (if staff takes X-rays) to complete the required CE's. Document 291-4200-0001 from the Bureau of Radiation Protection mandates X-safety continuing education every four years since it was adopted in 2009. The next rotation is due September 1, 2017.” 

This statement is NOT accurate and there is no September 1, 2017 deadline for X-ray safety CE or contact hours. It appears that Dr. Smith is figuring every 4 years from the 2009 Medical X-Ray Procedures Operator Training Guide that was released by the PA State Department of Environmental Protection(DEP) Bureau of Radiation Protection (BRP). This is not correct and there is no uniform calendar date for completion. The PA State DEP BRP requires all x-ray operators to demonstrate two contact hours or four units of continuing education every four years. So, for example, if you completed a radiation safety course or study on 5-1-14, then the latest date that you would need to take your next radiation safety course must be on or before 5-1-18.

Dr. Vic Rizzo, acting PCA District 3 Director and Chiropractic member of the PA Radiation Protection and Advisory Committee (RPAC), verified this information via email from Lisa Funk, RT (R)(M), Radiation Protection Program Supervisor with the DEP Bureau of Radiation Protection, ”The 4 year time frame is based on the date the individual first received radiation safety training. It has nothing to do with the date the facility had a state inspection. This is why there are varying dates of compliance." 

The Technical Guidance Document referenced above, as well as the official DEP Medical X-Ray Procedures Operator Training Guide, can both be found on the PA State DEP website here. At the bottom of that page is the information you will need to maintain certification. Click on the PowerPoint presentation link to download the presentation or just click here --> Refresher Training for X-Ray Equipment Operators (PPTX). Review the slides and take the quiz at the end. Upon successful completion of that quiz, the you will receive confirmation of completion, meeting DEP's regulatory requirements for Continuing Education. Just print out the confirmation webpage and retain in your records for DEP inspections. That's it - you're good for the next 4 years!

* Please note that this is only the DEP requirements for licensure. If you bill any health insurance companies, you will need to check your contract to see if there are any policies pertaining x-ray billing . Example: Highmark requires all personnel who take x-rays be ACRRT certified (DCs included) in order to bill. It is up to you to maintain CE requirements to keep this certification up to date.

Minimum Quality Assurance Requirements for PA Chiropractors

If you have any further questions regarding X-ray safety or continuing education, please feel free to contact PCA, or contact the DEP directly at (717) 787-3720.

ACA FAQs Regarding Participating vs. Non-Participating Medicare Status

ACA receives a multitude of questions regarding Medicare and the physician fee schedule. Following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:
Q: Can I just ignore the fee schedule? I’m non-participating anyway.
Q: Who do I contact for the latest information on the fee schedule? It's always so confusing at the end of the year.
Q: Could you provide a complete explanation of par fee allowance, non-par fee allowance and limiting charge?
Q: Can I change my Medicare Participating status?

CLICK HERE to read the whole article!

Patients' Complaints to the PA Insurance Department (PID)

PCA members should be prepared to give their patients instructions and forms for filing complaints with the Insurance Department (link to PID patient complaint form, click here). When patients are expected to be financially responsible for services that may be denied by health insurers and/or their intermediaries, they will most certainly want to complain to someone. PCA President Raymond Benedetto, DC, commented, “The PA Insurance Department has clearly requested PCA to direct patients and their complaints to the PA Insurance Department, so that’s what PCA members should do. Our members are currently serving as the voice for many of their patients, so it is extremely important that members direct their patients to the PA Department of Insurance.”

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PA Department of Human Services

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US Department of Health and Human Services

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Bureau of Workers' Compensation

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Health Insurance Exchange


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Aetna's Health Care Professionals Resources 

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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

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Cigna's Resources for Health Care Professionals

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Highmark's Provider Resource Center

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