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There are 7 PCA committees that are led by and for Chiropractors. Each committee is open to interested members wanting to serve the profession and PCA.

The Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association has achieved significant and meaningful successes in the past several years--all of these directly resulting from the efforts of PCA members who volunteer their time to serve on PCA’s committees.

PCA seeks thoughtful and committed members, seasoned DCs, AND those who are new to practice wanting to advance their profession by committing the time they have available in service to PCA.

Have an idea? Want to be heard? Join a PCA committee today!

Annual Convention Co-Chairs

Develops and delivers the PCA Annual Convention 

Roy Love, DC
(814) 234-5271 (Central Region/District 12)

Dan McCann, DC
(717) 258-5834 (Central Region/District 4)

Legislative Chair Co-Chairs

Performs oversight of and prioritizes all of PCA’s legislative and regulatory activities

Case Phillips, DC
(412) 321-3213 (Eastern Region/District 1)

Keith Miller, DC
(215) 703-9999 (Eastern Region/District 9)

Membership Chair

Develops and delivers member benefits and recruitment/retention efforts

Ray Benedetto, DC
(610) 974-9911 (Eastern Region/District 10)

Continuing Education Chair

Develops and delivers CE related courses to include Online University, webinars and in-person seminars 

Alison Benedetto, DC
(610) 974-9911 (Eastern Region/District 10)

Insurance Co-Chairs

Reviews and responds to all PCA members' insurance related questions

Dave Novatnak, DC
(570) 622-2525 (Central Region/District 5)

Mary Rutkowski, DC
(610) 282-1722 (Eastern Region/District 10)

Bylaws Chair

Annually develops updates to PCA's Bylaws

Keith Miller, DC
(215) 703-9999 (Eastern Region/District 9)

Finance Chair

Performs oversight of all financial matters, including annual PCA budget

Valentine Guzman, DC 
(484) 433-7326 (Eastern Region/District 6)