PCA's Board of Directors

Based in Pennsylvania’s capital city of Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association (PCA) is a tax-exempt association under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(6). 

The PCA is governed by a 24-member Board of Directors.  PCA’s officers, approved by the Board of Directors, serve in the following positions: President, Immediate Past President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer and Board Secretary.  PCA’s Board of Directors is composed of 18 regional directors, 6 each from the Western, Central and Eastern regions.  PCA’s President and President-Elect are elected by PCA’s voting members (DCs).

The PCA Board:

  • develops and implements PCA’s stated mission and strategic plan: PCA2020
  • directs and manages the organizational affairs of the PCA
  • reviews and approves all organizational and legislative policies
  • authorizes and oversees the allocation and disbursement of funds

PCA’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel have an active role and participate in all meetings of the Board of Directors.

Executive Committee

President - Alison Benedetto, DC
610-974-9911 (Eastern Region/District 10)


Vice President - Keith Miller, DC
215-703-9999 (Eastern Region/District 9)

Immediate Past President - 

Ray Benedetto, DC
610-974-9911 (Eastern Region/District 10)

Secretary - VACANT - TBA

Treasurer - Valentine Guzman, DC
484-433-7326 (Eastern Region/District 6)

Executive Vice President - Edward Nielsen, M.H.S

General Counsel, Jason B. Martin, Esq.

Regional Map

Regional Directors

Western Region

Doug Keim, DC (District 1)  -  412-372-7500

Case Phillips, DC (District 1) - 412-321-3213

Nancy Shaler, DC (District 2) - 724-836-0282

Central Region

Michael Bennese, DC (District 4) - 717-732-2222

Victor Rizzo, DC (District 3)  -  814-944-3536

Eric Osterberg, DC (District 3)  -  717-244-8504

Eastern Region

Keith Miller, DC (District 9) - 215- 703-9999

Jeffrey Sklar, DC (District 8) - 215-537-7168

Jeffrey Snyder, DC (District 7) -  610-935-5900

Alternate Directors:

Western:                                                                           Central:                                                                   Eastern:

Dan Agona (D1) 412-678-3844                                Dennis McKolosky  (D3) 814-269-3116                           Ari Gilbert (D7) 610-245-3065

Anthony Geramita (D13) 724-654-2008              Patrick Borja (D5) 610-779-4588                                      Irene Londer (D7) 610-783-1311

Stuart Surkosky  (D13) 724-789-9797                   Scott Colman (D4) 717-944-2225                                     Mary Rutkowski (D10) 610-282-1722

PCA Committees

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Annual Convention Co-Chairs

Roy Love, DC
814-234-5271 (Central Region/District 12)

Dan McCann, DC
717-258-5834 (Central Region/District 4)

Continuing Education Chair 

Jeffrey Snyder, DC
610-935-5900 (Eastern Region/District 7)

Legislative/ PAC Chair

Case Phillips, DC
412-321-3213 (Eastern Region/District 1)


Membership Chair

Ray Benedetto, DC
610-974-9911 (Eastern Region/District 10)

Insurance Chair

Mary Rutkowski, DC
610-282-1722 (Eastern Region/District 10)

Bylaws Chair

Keith Miller, DC
215-703-9999 (Eastern Region/District 9)

Finance Chair

Valentine Guzman, DC
484-433-7326 (Eastern Region/District 6)

                        2018 Board of Directors Meetings

  • Wednesday, July 25:    7:30pm (conference call);   Mid-year budget review, regular business
  • Saturday, October 13:    8am - 12pm  (Harrisburg, PA);  Regular business
  • Wednesday, November 14:    7:30pm (conference call);  Initial 2019 budget presentation; discuss 2019 policy/ legislative initiatives
  • Wednesday, December 5:   7:30pm (conference call):   Finalize/ approve 2019 budget; approve 2019 policy/ legislative initiatives; regular business


                2019 Board of Directors Meetings

  • Wednesday, February 6:    7:30pm (conference call);  2018 Budget Closeout
  • Saturday, April 27:   8:00am - 2:00pm (Bethlehem, PA);  Regular business
  • Wednesday, June 5:    7:30pm (conference call);  Regular business
  • Wednesday, July 24:    7:30pm (conference call);  Mid-year budget review, regular business
  • Wednesday, September 18:   7:30pm (conference call); Preview 2019 Annual Convention, regular business
  • Sunday, October 20:   8:00am - 12:00pm (Pittsburgh, PA);  Reorganizational meeting in conjunction with 2019 Annual Convention