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Despite the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association's outstanding and numerous hard-fought and won legislative and regulatory victories, the most in this profession's nearly 90-year organizational history in Pennsylvania, the battles facing our profession and patients are becoming more aggressive and more threatening to our profession. Denying patients’ access to needed care, increasingly without regard to any sense of ethics and decency, has become THE mantra of far too many health insurers in Pennsylvania today. These battles have affected EVERY Doctor of Chiropractic and Chiropractic patient in Pennsylvania today.



  • We stopped repeated efforts by insurers to seriously compromise the very nature of our profession.
  • We put an end to unwarranted and excessive multiple co-payments for patients IN ONE OFFICE VISIT.
  • We put an end to unlimited retro-active reviews and take-backs from health insurers.
  • We stopped efforts by BIG insurance and BIG business to drastically limit the rights of injured Pennsylvania workers and their treating DCs.
  • We have continued to shine a light on the darkness of excessive overreach on restrictions to patients’ access to care by the wealthy health insurance industry and their lobbyists.
  • We funded the appeal of the State Farm v. Cavoto legal case, specifically the right of DCs to delegate to unlicensed personnel.
  • We advocated to the PA State Board of Chiropractic for specific regulatory language that addresses distance & classroom learning, delegation to unlicensed personnel, specialty advertising and scope of practice, including animal chiropractic.*
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