Is achieving Pay Parity possible and what steps do we need to take to get there?

Dr. Rachel Wendt, DC, ChiroCongress Executive Director at Large, will moderate a discussion between attendees and WA State Executive of Legislation & Policy, Lori Grassi, regarding insurance anti-discrimination and chiropractic fair payment. 

Topics that will be discussed:

  • Every Category of Provider” allowed to treat covered conditions, a WA State experience leading to federal policy change

  • Bipartisan Congressional Reps and Senators and International Healthcare Policy Consortium built 2706 language from WA State law

  • Rule-making and examples of discrimination – benefit limits, payment, direct access/referral requirement

  • Explaining which health plans are impacted – state regulated plans

  • Pay parity – one state’s experience. Start with state experience (WA)

  • Important to engage!

  • Q&A