How to Obtain a Chiropractic License in Pennsylvania

Create Your PALS Account

PA Licensing System (PALS)

Register for your new Account and make sure to keep passwords and information for safe keeping. This account will be used for license renewals as well.


Chiropractic License Application

These links will help breakdown the steps to apply for your license. You can apply about 1 month before graduation to get your license earlier.

In addition to applying for a Chiropractic license, you also need to apply for an Adjunctive Procedures license.

Jurisprudence Exam

The “Pennsylvania Chiropractic Law Examination” is no longer required. Instead, applicants complete a “Pennsylvania Chiropractic Legal Review” page. This page is included in the application and allows applicants to demonstrate to the Board that they are aware of the contents of the Rules and Regulations and Act

Apply for Malpractice Insurance

You will have to choose which malpractice insurance company to cover you.

The PCA has Strategic Partnerships with NCMIC, ChiroPreferred, and PPC & OUM.

You will need a $1,000,000 Per Claim/$3,000,000 Policy Aggregate policy

Apply for a NPI Number

An NPI is a unique identification number for covered health care providers. You need an NPI as a provider and a corporate entity. 


Prep for Credentialling with Insurance

One stop practice, provider, malpractice, credential’s stop so that insurance carriers can obtain your information. You will have to re-attest every few months to keep information current.