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PCA’s Business Member of the Month – December 2018

By Lindsay Walter | December 5, 2018

PCA is proud to spotlight Healthy Path, our newest Business Member!  Healthy Path LLC , is an all-natural CBD products company, working to educate chiropractors, health practitioners, and their patients, about CBD as a natural alternative for pain relief and anxiety. We offer programs that enable health providers to offer CBD to their patients, directly…

Attention Doctors, Patients and the Public — PCA’s Article of the Month:  December 2018

By Lindsay Walter | December 3, 2018

Original Press Release from UCLA  Hippocampus Cell Atlas Shows How Head Injuries Lead to Brain Diseases UCLA biologists have discovered how head injuries adversely affect individual cells and genes that can lead to serious brain disorders. The life scientists provide the first cell “atlas” of the hippocampus — the part of the brain that helps…

When it comes to Aetna and insurers, what association pushes back? PCA, of course…

By Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association | December 5, 2018

In the past 2 weeks, PCA was advised by several members of an emerging treatment issue with Aetna. The Bottom Line– Aetna was denying ultrasounds when done on the same day as e-stim. PCA forwarded questions to the Aetna/ NIA team we’ve been conversing with over the past 7 months and this morning (12-5) received…



Karen J. Giles, DC

Hanover Township, PA 



In lieu of a video interview this month, we have a Q&A with Dr. Giles. 

Why I became a chiropractor:
I became a chiropractor after experiencing a work related injury. I was injured on the job, couldn’t stand upright and was in agony! Intuitively I called the closest chiropractor who on a Saturday afternoon waited for me. I crawled into his office and within two weeks was amazed at the speed of my recovery. All without drugs or surgery! It was after that experience that I began thinking about becoming a chiropractor.