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State Farm v. Cavoto - UPDATE

February 16, 2018

PCA's General Counsel, Jason Martin, Esq., has issued a summary update on the State Farm v. Cavoto matter, including PCA's Amicus Brief and Dr. Cavoto's appeal by his attorney, Jordan Rushie, Esq. This case is before the Pennsylvania Superior Court. The Court will be deciding on whether to overturn the trial court's decision that DCs in PA cannot delegate therapeutic exercises to unlicensed supportive personnel, even when the DC is providing direct, on premise supervision...

To continue reading, please click here to login to your PCA Member Only account and find the summary under Resources.

Do US Military Families Deserve Access to Chiropractic Care?

US House Introduces TRICARE Legislation to Expand Access

Time to Act NOW- Contact Your US Congressman!

 All DCs should support H.R. 4973! 

Click here to read H.R. 4973

The essence of your letter to your PA US Representative should be to the point: Click Here for Sample Letter

Use USPS mail, fax or web site/ email addresses.  Don’t know who to contact?  Click here.

Update:  SB 936- Workers’ Comp “Reforms” on Stand-By

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Yesterday, PCA participated in a stakeholders meeting regarding the status of PA Senate Bill 936.  You may recall that SB 936 did not pass the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, due to a deadlocked (98 Yes- 98 No) vote last week 

Click here for the updated status of SB936 and what you need to do now!

As PCA learns more about the status of and political manipulations occurring with SB 936, we promise that you’ll know when we know.

Thank you again for taking a strong stand for your patients, Pennsylvania’s injured employees and the sacred patient- doctor relationship.

Medicare Data Reveals $564 Million "Wasted" On Chiropractic And Osteopathic Manipulation

An article in Forbes, "Medicare Data Reveal $564 Million Wasted on Chiropractors and Osteopathic Manipulation", was contributed by Steven Salzberg. 

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) has issued a media response to the Editor presenting evidence-based research.

Click here to read F4CP's response

In 2014, Salzberg contributed a similar article claiming there was no scientific evidence to support the value of chiropractic. Industry professionals crafted a two-part response in the form of a rebuttal to the claims and list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to defending chiropractic in the media:

 Part One by Dr. Anthony Rosner

Part Two by Drs. Dana Lawrence and Christine Goertz 

Should this issue come up in your community, please feel free to use or adapt the response letters from F4CP and the background materials contained in "Parts 1 and 2" above.

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As the Commonwealth’s trusted resource for all things Chiropractic, the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association (PCA) , represents the interests of Pennsylvania’s 4000+ licensed Doctors of Chiropractic, who serve hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians every day.

The PCA exists to realize one visionary call to action: change our current disease management system to an authentic health care delivery system that embraces the concept of conservative care first and supports DCs as key health and wellness professionals who serve as the foundation for genuine health and wellness care delivery.

PCA pursues its raison d’etre by informing, educating and advocating on behalf of ALL Doctors of Chiropractic and their patients. As one of the Keystone State’s leading health care associations, the PCA is outspoken about embracing Conservative Care First as a verified public health policy strategy for safe and cost-effective health care for all Pennsylvanians. Through the delivery of a strong advocacy voice, diverse educational programs and dedicated member services, the PCA enables and empowers Doctors of Chiropractic to successfully and ethically practice for the benefit of patients, communities and the profession.

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