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Please be advised that the PCA X-ray Working Group was successful (as previously mentioned in emails and videos) in petitioning the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in 2022 to lower the annual DEP fees chiropractic offices pay per x-ray tube. This endeavor was started in 2015 by myself, Dr Vic Rizzo chairperson of the X-ray working group, in my position as the chiropractic representative to the PA Radiation and Protection Advisory Committee (RPAC).

The video above explains that the recent June1, 2023 letter you received from DEP refers to an upcoming fee increase to the prior category that chiropractors are leaving. It fails to mention that chiropractors will actually see a fee decrease from $400 to $195 per year per x-ray tube beginning of October 1. This was done by moving chiropractors into the dentist, podiatrist and veterinarian category due to our limited use of x-ray versus continuing in the same category as outpatient x-ray imaging centers like hospitals where chiropractors have been since the beginning of this fee. For those who were billed before October 1, 2023 you must pay the current $400 fee. For those billed after October 1, 2023 you will see the new fees.

Had the PCA NOT been able to get chiropractors moved into this new category, and then instead you would have seen a $130 increase in chiropractic office’s annual fees, or $530 per tube. Therefore, through the hard work of the PCA, ALL Pennsylvania Chiropractors will receive a $335 savings per year to chiropractors who take x-rays. Your PCA dues do make a difference. That means that if you have an X-ray machine, the PCA is really only costing you $265 a year, since the PCA saved you a $335 a year! PCA Dues pay for themselves!

Update from PCA Pediatrics and Pregnancy Working Group Co-Chair Dr. Lawrence Bagnell

100 Years of Chiropractic Observation from Dr. Lou Sportelli

PA State Board of Chiropractic Public Meetings Calendar

February 16 @ 10:30am (virtual)

April 20 @ 10:30am (virtual)

June 29 @ 10:30am (virtual)

August 10 @ 10:30am (virtual)

October 12 @ 10:30am (virtual)

December 14 @ 10:30am (virtual)

The link to join the meeting is available on the Department of State website:  Pennsylvania State Board of Chiropractic.

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“The Eastern district call last night is what convinced me, and I convinced my cousin Dave to contribute to PAC & Legal Fund. PCA’s leaders are so passionate about making us a better profession in the state. I saw the posts and videos from Lobby Day...

PCA Is Invaluable!

Ed we want to thank you for all your help; Dr Cody Somerville received word yesterday afternoon that his license is approved and on its way!  Once again the PCA is invaluable!   Raquel Jeanmenne, DCYorktowne Chiropractic HC

I Actually Sold My Practice

I actually sold my practice. About two hours after you posted the ad, I got a call from a doctor who was interested. He officially took over today. I received quite a number of calls about the practice since the ad was up. The service you provide is valuable, and I...

I’m a Retired Doc & Almost Lost $17,000

I am a retired doctor, who was hit with a $17,000 recoupment request from a Pennsylvania health insurer, TWO years after I retired. As a retired-status member, I immediately contacted the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association.  PCA’s  staff...

I am a thirty year veteran in the profession I love….

I am a thirty year veteran in the profession I love, as doctor of Chiropractic. Within the profession, there is great diversity of backgrounds and opinions.  I believe the PCA is the professional association that most tries to unify us as one body, doing what is...

As a PCA member over 31 years…

As a PCA member over 31 years I have been a distant observer of Chiropractic in our state as well as the several factions of philosophy practiced here. As so far as the PCA is viewed, I feel the current system in place is providing the best communication with it's...

On Membership

I just started my own practice a couple of months ago. $600 is a bit steep but it is worth it! Charge me monthly, that’d be great. Brian Meenan, DC  *That's exactly what PCA did and added a monthly option - with additional option of auto pay

ACRRT Exam Classes with Dr. Rizzo

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I got my test results and that I passed the exam. I am so grateful for all the help and knowledge you shared with me. I am entirely positive that my passing was a direct result of your course and review. Thank you...