100 Years of Chiropractic Observation from Dr. Lou Sportelli

PA State Board of Chiropractic Public Meetings Calendar

February 16 @ 10:30am (virtual)

April 20 @ 10:30am (virtual)

June 29 @ 10:30am (virtual)

August 10 @ 10:30am (virtual)

October 12 @ 10:30am (virtual)

December 14 @ 10:30am (virtual)

The link to join the meeting is available on the Department of State website:  Pennsylvania State Board of Chiropractic.

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PAC & Legal Fund Donations

“The Eastern district call last night is what convinced me, and I convinced my cousin Dave to contribute to PAC & Legal Fund. PCA’s leaders are so passionate about making us a better profession in the state. I saw the posts and videos from Lobby Day...

PCA Is Invaluable!

Ed we want to thank you for all your help; Dr Cody Somerville received word yesterday afternoon that his license is approved and on its way!  Once again the PCA is invaluable!   Raquel Jeanmenne, DCYorktowne Chiropractic HC

I Actually Sold My Practice

I actually sold my practice. About two hours after you posted the ad, I got a call from a doctor who was interested. He officially took over today. I received quite a number of calls about the practice since the ad was up. The service you provide is valuable, and I...

I’m a Retired Doc & Almost Lost $17,000

I am a retired doctor, who was hit with a $17,000 recoupment request from a Pennsylvania health insurer, TWO years after I retired. As a retired-status member, I immediately contacted the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association.  PCA’s  staff...

I am a thirty year veteran in the profession I love….

I am a thirty year veteran in the profession I love, as doctor of Chiropractic. Within the profession, there is great diversity of backgrounds and opinions.  I believe the PCA is the professional association that most tries to unify us as one body, doing what is...

As a PCA member over 31 years…

As a PCA member over 31 years I have been a distant observer of Chiropractic in our state as well as the several factions of philosophy practiced here. As so far as the PCA is viewed, I feel the current system in place is providing the best communication with it's...

On Membership

I just started my own practice a couple of months ago. $600 is a bit steep but it is worth it! Charge me monthly, that’d be great. Brian Meenan, DC  *That's exactly what PCA did and added a monthly option - with additional option of auto pay

ACRRT Exam Classes with Dr. Rizzo

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I got my test results and that I passed the exam. I am so grateful for all the help and knowledge you shared with me. I am entirely positive that my passing was a direct result of your course and review. Thank you...