Health care giants UPMC, Highmark reach 11th-hour agreement

By Edward Nielsen | June 24, 2019

Two western Pennsylvania health care giants have a deal that averts the looming breakup of their business relationship, an agreement that prevents disruption and higher costs for many patients. READ MORE HERE

PCA IBC Members: Update on IBC “Glitch”

By Linda Smelser | June 24, 2019

PA DCs who are IBC members are asked to cease sending in spreadsheets from the glitch several weeks ago. IBC is receiving spreadsheets from members with claims that were already (or are in the process of being) reprocessed and paid internally. Read more click here:

Is the “Future” of Health Care Collaborations Already Happening in PA?

By Edward Nielsen | June 19, 2019

Such collaborations are already happening or taking form in Pennsylvania. See the following from PCA’s Dr. Vic Rizzo and click on the below link to read the story in the June 18 edition of the Altoona Mirror: “I am renting to a DO family doctor as an experiment with combining chiropractic and Direct Primary Care/Concierge…

Pennsylvania court says UPMC-Highmark consent decrees end June 30

By Edward Nielsen | June 17, 2019

A Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled that the government-brokered deal between the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Highmark Health will end as scheduled June 30.  READ MORE HERE

Ohio medical practice hacked, pays $75K in ransom

By Edward Nielsen | June 17, 2019

An Ohio medical practice was allegedly hacked earlier this week and told to pay $75,000 in ransom to unlock its computer system. READ MORE HERE

Upcoming CE Seminar: Principles 2 Adjusting with Dr. Brian Solofsky

By Jessica Sell | June 12, 2019

This 2-day, 12 CE course on June 29-30, 2019 uses principles of Chiropractic Adjusting techniques (Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson, Toggle, Sacral Occipital Technique, Logan, Cox, Barge, and Extremities), to establish a technique protocol based on digital posture and range of motion, muscle testing, leg checks and x-ray findings and listings. This will guide the practitioner in when…

More Lyme disease-carrying ticks in Pa. today, Penn State study finds

By Edward Nielsen | May 9, 2019

The tick responsible for most cases of Lyme diseases has boomed from near non-existence in Pennsylvania in the 1960s to the most commonly found tick across the state today, according to Penn State researchers. READ MORE HERE

Back Pain, Headaches in Top 5 Reasons for ER Visits

By Edward Nielsen | May 9, 2019

Back pain is one of the top 5 reasons people go to the Emergency Room (ER), with headaches accounting for up to 40% of all ER visits. Both back and headache-related pain can be effectively cared for with drug and surgery-free chiropractic care. READ MORE HERE

Members, Get $150 off your Annual Dues!

By Linda Smelser | February 27, 2019

Remember to refer your colleagues and get $150 of your dues!   When you help build membership, we appreciate it.    PCA will give you $150 for EACH member that joins as a Regular Member at the annual rate of $600 and mentions your name! Send your non-member colleagues to:  Join PCA Today!

Strategic Business Partner Spotlight 

Click here to go to their website!

PPC has a long history of partnering with chiropractic malpractice insurance providers with industry leading-ratings, financial strength and long-standing defense experience. In Pennsylvania, PPC works with the provider of the OUM Chiropractor Program to offer you access to quality malpractice insurance with a scope of practice policy.  OUM offers chiropractic-specific online education activities including webinars, educational videos and home study courses. In addition, confidential risk management telephone support and chiropractic-specific risk management materials are available exclusively to OUM insureds.  Risk management participation may qualify you for a 10% premium credit with OUM.

“Pittsburgh Property and Casualty chooses to partner with the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association because of its commitment to support and educate chiropractors in our state. We share many of the same core values, therefore, this partnership brings together two entities looking out for the best interests of Pennsylvania chiropractors,” said PPC President Ed Lomis.

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June 29-30Principles 2 Adjusting |  Dr. Brian Solofsky  |  King of Prussia |  12 CE

July 13   |  Shoulder Conditions, Injuries, & Syndromes |  Dr. Mitch Mally  |  King of Prussia |  12 CE

July 20-21  |  Advanced Lyme Disease & Chronic Illness: The Mechanisms and biomarkers in Clinical Practice |  Dr. Shannon Smith  |  State College  |  12 CE

August 10 | Extremity Adjusting Bootcamp 2.0 | Dr. Mitch Mally | Pittsburgh | 12 CE

September 7 | Integrating Physiotherapeutics | Dr. Nelson Marquina | King of Prussia | 8 CE

September 14-15 | Alzheimers & Functional Medicine | Dr. Shannon Smith | Harrisburg | 12 CE  

October 5 | ACRRT PA Limited Exam Prep-DC's & Staff | Dr. Victor Rizzo | Bethlehem | 8 CE