PA State Board of Chiropractic Public Meetings Calendar

February 16 @ 10:30am (virtual)

April 20 @ 10:30am (virtual)

June 29 @ 10:30am (virtual)

August 10 @ 10:30am (virtual)

October 12 @ 10:30am (virtual)

December 14 @ 10:30am (virtual)

The link to join the meeting is available on the Department of State website:  Pennsylvania State Board of Chiropractic.

HRCC’s Women Breaking Barriers Fundraiser

Adjusted Reality

Adjusted Reality

Contain and Eliminate: Chiropractic's Scary Past and Promising Future with Dr. Louis Sportelli SEPTEMBER 15, 2022 FOUNDATION FOR CHIROPRACTIC PROGRESS SEASON 4 EPISODE 2Today's episode takes a careful look at the very scary past, the positive present and the hopeful...

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100 Years of Chiropractic Observation from Dr. Lou Sportelli

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