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Advocacy and Legislation

As the largest professional association representing Doctors of Chiropractic in Pennsylvania, public policy advocacy is a mission-critical function of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association.

Public policy advocacy, especially when it comes to federal and state legislation, as well as state regulations, includes embracing and touting a health policy founded on the concept of conservative care first, which is well known to the Chiropractic profession, but a concept that is still developing within the public policy arena.

Advocacy--shaping legislation, regulations and overall public policy--is one of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association's five strategic pillars and included in PCA’s 5-year strategic plan, PCA2020. One of the most vital roles of the PCA is to promote the passage of legislation and regulations that support Doctors of Chiropractic and their patients, as well as oppose legislation that is detrimental to Chiropractors, our current health care system, and patients. PCA’s advocacy initiatives and efforts directly affect every Doctor of Chiropractic in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

As a PCA member or a Pennsylvania-licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, one of the most important things YOU can do to assist YOUR Chiropractic profession is to know your state legislators! Click here to find your local State Representative and State Senator.  Of course, PCA’s Legislative Committee is also always open for more PCA members to join and advocate on behalf of Chiropractors in Pennsylvania. Click here for more information on joining the Legislative Committee.

As an example of PCA’s advocacy success, PCA and its members were THE driving force in successfully drafting and ultimately passing Senate Bill 487 (the Fairness in Co-Payment Act) and having it signed into law by the Governor as Act 39 of 2015.  Click here to find more information and to read PCA General Counsel Jason Martin's response as to what Act 39 means for Pennsylvania Chiropractors and their patients.

Unlike many associations, PCA is never content to rest on its successes. Instead, PCA is constantly looking years "down the road,” envisioning other important legislative and regulatory initiatives that advance the Chiropractic profession and preserve and protect the patient-doctor relationship--which seems forgotten in the chaos of today’s ever-changing health care system.


Major Regulations Being Proposed

PCA also attends, monitors and periodically comments on the deliberations and actions of the Pennsylvania State Board of Chiropractic, the Commonwealth’s licensing board for DCs, and as importantly, a consumer protection entity. The State Board of Chiropractic usually meets every other month: January, March, May, July, September, November.

Current regulations being considered and developed by the PA State Board of Chiropractic include:

  • Unlicensed supporting personnel
  • Independent Chiropractic examiners
  • Non-PA licensed federally-employed DCs (e.g., Veterans Administration, TriCare, Public Health Service) practicing in Pennsylvania
  • Radiation procedures and examinations


Helpful Links & Information

Be a strong voice for to advocate for Chiropractic professionals today. PCA’s website resources make it simple to let legislators know your opinion. You will find the information you need to contact Pennsylvania legislators or your member of Congress.

You can also find out the latest on legislative bills that may have an impact on Chiropractic care. Learn how to review bills for details about the proposed legislation. Click on the links below.