Contain and Eliminate: Chiropractic’s Scary Past and Promising Future with Dr. Louis Sportelli


Today’s episode takes a careful look at the very scary past, the positive present and the hopeful future of chiropractic and healthcare in America. 

Less than six decades ago, mainstream medicine plotted to completely eradicate the chiropractic profession. Verbiage in documents from the American Medical Association (AMA) utilized the terms ‘contain and eliminate’ to describe their goals of destroying the existence of chiropractic practice. The ongoing anti-trust lawsuit that ensued (Wilk vs. AMA) was a fascinating 14-year journey that changed the face of health care and ensured the 21st century health options that we all enjoy today.

This podcast episode is an honest conversation with Dr. Sherry McAllister, president of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and Dr. Louis Sportelli, president of the NCMIC Foundation about the past, present and future of patient rights in chiropractic and healthcare.

In the Adjusted Reality podcast, well-known athletes, celebrities, actors, chiropractors, influencers in the wellness industry, and other podcasters will talk with host Dr. Sherry McAllister, president, F4CP, about their experiences with health and wellness. 

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